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  Since the year 2001, Wuxi Olite Chemical Co., Ltd. has been your dependable source for products of Acetates. From the years of superior customer service and industry expertise .We has built a reputation for:
Leaders in Acetates Industry
Wuxi Olite Chemical Co., Ltd. is a respected and important supplier of Sodium Acetate, Zinc Acetate, Potassium Acetate, Calcium Acetate, Magnesium Acetate, Manganese Acetate ,Ammonia Acetate, Cobalt Acetate. Sodium Diacetate, Copper Acetate, Oxalic Acid, DMSO, Acetic acid. As the leading suppliers of Acetates in China, you can also count on us for market information and environmental expertise. 
Associate Cooperate
Wuxi Olite Chemical Co., Ltd. had good business cooperating relationship with many famous Companies. We provide our products to those enterprises,Such as, BASF, BAYER DUPONT,DOW,HALLIBURTON,MERCK,OREAL,SAMSUNG,etc.
Complete Product Lines of well-known Brands
We had built well-known brands in Acetate line. And we have the best production lines which conducted by PLC system to ensure the stable quality for Acetate products. 
Specialized Services
We knew well about the application and character of products. So we can provide proper package and storage for products.
Export Expertise
50% of our products is exported to over 63 countries and regions in 2013, such as USA, Germany, France, Japan, Korea..As we have over 3800 customers around the world. We manufacture the product which in compliance with criteria of different area. Such as USP/FCC/EP/BP/E number/ACS .
Prompt Quotations and Deliver
Want a quote on any of our products which we manufactured. Just call. And because most items are in stock, we can frequently make quick shipments when required.
Wuxi Olite Chemical Co., Ltd. is the veteran of doing O.E.M. We are also able to facilitate you in manufacturing other products which comply with your requirement.
Certificate that we had
For several years' development, Till now Wuxi Unichem chemical product Co., Ltd have had several certificates such as: Kosher/Halal/ISO9001-2000.REACH.

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